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Electric Aura welcomes an opportunity to create

Working on shows is what we do, but the new reality of staying at home has put our passion and our creative outlets on hold.   When small stage came to us with the concept of doing a weekly broadcast of live dance and performance we jumped at the opportunity to get involved.  Working closely with AV Strategies to build a temporary studio that would accommodate social distancing, we created 3 performances spaces in the AVS warehouse; a host desk, a music/spoken word set, and a stage for dance and classes.  
Jacq Smith (www.jacqsmith.com) 
Lisa Rose Metz (www.lisarosemetz.com) 
Jojo Molina (www.jojozolina.com)
Each week we work closely with the choreographers to come up with unique ways to stage their pieces on the dance stage, incorporating lighting and set pieces from our inventory.  
Special thanks to Julie-anne Saroyan (www.smallstage.ca) for coming up with this concept and curating a unique show each week.
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